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If you are not already one of our cherished members then all you need to do is pop your email address in above, and you will receive details of the discounts listed below. If you want to learn about all your benefits then you are in the right place! . Plus we also offer loyalty points on most non-discounted purchases. Please note if you give us your due date you will receive some very targeted and exciting offers so it is well worth letting us know.


Customer Reward Points Discount Scheme

Earn £ Back Every Time You Buy From Us

We try very hard to reward our loyal customers, every time you buy from us you get back 2% in points which can be accrued and spent next time you shop you with us. We make this as easy as possible for you - it all happens automatically once you are logged in.

How do I get my loyalty points ?
To get loyalty points every time you shop with us - you simply need to create an account upon check-out and you will accrue points on every order.

What happens if I check out as a guest ?
You will not receive any loyalty points for your order if you check-out as a guest.

How do I claim my loyalty points ?
Every time you go to our website if you log in to your account our system will automatically know how many loyalty points you have - you will be asked upon checkout if you want to use your points, if you say yes then they will automatically be used bringing the price down of your goods by the amount saved.

What happens if I want to save my points ?
You can save your points for up to 6 months, when asked if you want to use your points you can just ignore it and they won’t be used. They will be there waiting for you next time you log in.



You can also pop your email address into the homepage and you will also receive regular emails and offers from us - the offers change all the time.  Once you have logged your email address in then you will receive an emails giving you pregnancy advice ( if you told us you were expecting) and lots of other great offers.  We regularly give away free gifts with orders and sometimes do percentage discounts offers. We also price match on all our products and aim to offer great value for money as well as great customer service.
If at any point you want to unsubscribe then you can at a push of a button.