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A Changing bag success story

Monday, 14 December 2015  | 

As the changing bag experts we have seen many brands hit the market full of enthusiasm, soon to realise there is a lot more to it than just producing a changing bag they think looks like good. Branding, advertising, customer service, pricing and so much more come in to it - so we have had to say goodbye to a few brands over the years.

However Jem + Bea are different, when we told our technical advisor last week that Jem + Bea are going to be a permenent feature we meant it, we said this with conviction as the sales have been through the roof - already they are catching up with the what we call our big 3 ( that's top secret of course :) . We knew when we met them they had something special so its great to see a new brand like this doing so well and we have done everything we can to help them flourish and get their name out there. 


So we thought we would share some of our customers views on these gorgeous baby bags. 

'I bought this bag in the first place because of how it looked I have to be honest I didnt really think too hard about the practical side of it, but I'm so happy with my purchase as yes it looks great but it is very practical too - not a day goes by when I don't thank myself for buying it.' - Vicky


'I am so happy with my Jem and Bea changing bag, it's absolutely beautiful,, such amazing and luxurious quality leather, can't wait to start using it once baby has arrived.' - Sally


I was very excited after preordering this bag to receive it last week. The leather and finish on it is as good as any of my other (none baby) bags I own. It feels so luxurious and well finished, but at the same time practical with lots of little pockets and a nice mat and bottle bag that match bag lining. I can't wait to start using this bag, it'll be a pleasure and so pleased it's not like the other girlie flowery mumsy changing bags out there which aren't my personality. On top of that, the team at mummy and litte me were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you   - Laura 

So if you feel you want to make a bit of an investment ... or you know someone else that might be wondering what to get you for Christmas, then you can't go wrong with these bags.


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