Leather Changing Bags


Leather baby changing bags have lots of advantages, mainly they last  longer, therefore  represent better  value for money. We have leather bags in all sorts of shapes and sizes, backpacks that the chaps like in leather as well. Leather bags  also don't date the way a 'fashion' bag might, they have the advantage ( to some not all ) of not looking so much like a baby changing bag.  So if you need to pop to the office with your baby bag then you can, no one will  be none the wiser. Your baby changing bag will also be your handbag so you will need to pop in your  purse, mobile and make-up as well as everything for the baby.  

As always If you need any advice on any of our changing bags then do call or email and the response will always be fast we promise! 

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Page 1 of 1:    21 Items
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