Which Baby Changing Bag

Which Changing Bag to choose?

If your looking for a new baby changing bag  for your baby and you really don't know where to start then or which design to go for, we are here to help you choose.  Over the years we have become official stockist of  some gorgeous bags. A bold statement maybe, but we think we have the best collection of designer changing bags in the UK - With over 400 on our Website we are now known as the changing bag experts in the UK - we are always very happy to chat through our different bags with you, please do call on 01522 684153. Or  do email us sales@mummyandlittleme.co.uk and  you should get a quick response.

We think we have a bag for every kind of mother out there, all you need to do is work out which sort of mother you are...



Well if you think you may need to slip you lap top in your changing bag (some of us have too) then look no further than Storksak, this is the truly professional working mothers bag, elegant practical and glamorous without being overdone. Simply and cleverly designed we are all big fans of these bags.  This bag is for the intelligent understated modern woman. We get huge amount of GPs' buying this bag it's extraordinary!  We have not worked out why, is it a perfect fit for your stethoscope maybe ? Anyway we digress they are lovely quality leather, the Elizabeth in Tan Storksak is a firm favourite, (that bag came 3rd in our Baby changing bag awards ) we also love the new Emma and Kym is a gorgeous shape. Storksak are amazing quality  bags, we have over the years had very few faults and when we do have one, they are dealt with professionally and quickly. The new season   Noa's are proving very popular in all colours plus the Bobby and Poppy have been our best selling non leather Changing bag .



We spotted PacaPod when they were brand new, Jacki one of the directors rang me up and said '"Vicky we have had a focus group in and have realised that there are all sorts of changing bags out there but there isn't one for the really organised mother at the moment and that's  where we come in !"
She is so right , PacaPod is so very different to every other bag with it's ingenious 3-in-1  pod system, one for changing  and one for the  feeding stuff. They have more pockets than you can imagine and the guys love them as much as the girls. If you are organised (or want to be)  and everything has it's place then these are the bags for you. Another great tip is if you take the pods out of the bag you can hang them on your pushchair and create even more space in your bag. The most popular is the Mirano, this is a large changing bag, which comes in Graphite, Tan and Navy, this changing bag was our second best selling bag last year. Another  favourite are the Firenze, sumptous leather that come in various colours. Brand new for Spring 18 are the Saunton's from their new Lite range, these changing bags are flying out.  We sell lots of these bags, if you go to any of the foroms you will find loads of excited  threads talking about PacaPod.  

Pink Lining

Pink Lining

We have to start with Pink Lining because they were the first nappy  changing bags we sold 9  years ago when we discovered them we sheepishly bought a couple crossing our fingers and hoping they would sell, the sales manage for PL always takes the mickey out of us about only buying 2 but Boy do  they sell. Yummy Mummy is the bag they have become well known for, we have had woman in our shops for literally an hour (we kid you not) wondering which colour to get. Every season Pink Lining produce 3 new colours in all their signature bags:  Yummy Mummy,Plain Jane, Henrietta Tote ,Blooming gorgeous and the wonder bag. They  also did a great hospital bag ( which was featured on the Bridget Jones baby film! - now sold out - not too mention mini messengers and wallets.

All the bags have the hot pink lining, for those of you who think a hot pink lining is no good for a boy... it's for you to carry not the baby, so don't give it another thought!  And inside they have everything you need, two bottle warmers, a rather cute changing mat (nice and thick) a wet bag, a key fob, don't forget the mirror, oh yes and loads of pockets which really do come in handy.

If any of you out there still yearn for one of these gorgeous bags but are worried about Dad we can help; firstly check out  bags for Dads page,  or if that's too extravagant having two changing bags in the house, then why not give him the free one from your Boots Pack .... Sssh we didn't say that out loud did we ?
Mummy and Little Me are an official Pink Lining Stockist and the only retailer ever to receive the award ' retailer of the month'. 

Coming soon their best  collection yet!

Jem + Bea                                                           

The hottest brand in town, Ok Jem + Bea changing bags are not cheap we accept this,  but this  new brand are the talk of the town! Jem + Bea have been created by a couple of very talented girls - one being an ex-mulberry handbag designer and the second was in law. Once these old school friends had children they both spotted that their dream baby changing bag was not on the market so decided to create this fabulous new brand. Mummy & Little Me were lucky enough to be exclusive on with Jem + Bea when they launched then John Lewis spotted them! They have a fabulous range from very modern changing backpacks to the classic looking Jemima's, the Jemima's are large changing bags and certainly have enough room for everything.   We are so excited about these stunning  luxury leather bags that have been created to stand the test of motherhood but still making you feel good when it is on your arm. We are equally excited about the future as the next season bags should be arriving - they are very clever with their designs and keep everything simple, they bring out around 2 new bags a year, the Jemima in grey  is stunning and is  getting  closer to the top of our best selling leather bag.

Kerikit Changing bags 

Kerikit have a style all of their own - this bags are big bags for women with big personality's - they have some amazing prints that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.  As the Platinum winner for Junior Design in 2016 they are starting to get they attention they deserve. Keri who is a working mother has a passion and flare for design and is an inspiration to all of us - juggling her family life and business with professionalism and flare. The usp's on these super chic bags are the Internal removable organiser - which once you have used you will soon realise you need one for your everyday life. Pop all your bits and bobs in and off you go - Kerikit changing bags are made from the finest leather - an investment you will not regret. 


Babymel are turning out to be one of our top selling brands, sister company to Storksak they have continued to surprise us every season with some amazing changing bag. The great thing about Babymel is their obsession with quality, for such an inexpensive brand they continue to be leaders in quality. Babymel's collection for 2018 is stunning, their prices v quality continue to blow us away.  If you want good value for money then this is your brand. 


Melobaby was created by Mel the outgoing and energetic Australian mother - This glamorous mother who spent a lot of time in aero planes soon realised that she didn't always want a huge bag and sometimes all she needed was a wallet - hence the melobaby wallet was created and there she begun. Since then Mel has created these fabulous wallets in all sorted of colours, they are just big enough for a couple of nappies, cream and your phone and wallet so great if you are just nipping out somewhere. Now she has brought the Melotote which is a great looking changing bag of top quality that is very practical - these bags are also great value for money!


Ju-Ju-Be have taken the USA Diaper bag market by storm, they have created the perfect bag for mothers who are worried about mess and dirt. They have a unique lining made from an anti-bacterial agent which will stop all mould and bacteria from growing so help keep your baby safe from germs. On top of that there are two other little cleanliness  boxes that are also ticked - one is a crumb drain, so all those pieces of biscuit or whatever it is that sticks to the bottom of the bag will no longer, also they are all covered in Teflon which means you can wipe clean them all very often - oh yes and the other very important thing is they are machine washable - so for all you mothers that are very conscious of these things this has to be your perfect changing bag surely? Of course Ju-Ju-Be have not become so successful just because of this they have some gorgeous sassy looking bags and every season bring out some lovely new colours - we have hand picked  the best colours so suit the UK market and at last we have them back for sale. We must not  forget of course that Ju-Ju-Be also have other great features like a padded changing mat, long carrying handle, thermo insulated bottle warmers/ coolers and loads of pockets for all your bits and bobs. Welcome back Ju-Ju- we say ... hooray!

Born in Britain

Born in Britain are the name would suggest were Born in Britain - Katie the Director was keen to create a brand that was stylish as well as practical and that would suit the modern mother. Her  changing bags contain all the essential features required for a day out with a newborn or toddler. Inside these leather bags you will find, an oversized changing mat, nappy pocket and wipe holder - they are large enough to hold all the equipment you will need and plenty of room for your things as well.

Skip Hop

We have had our beedy eyes on Skip Hop for quite a few years and have just taken the plunge!  We love the new changing bag collection they have produced and we are very pleased with the way they conduct themselves as a business,  this gives us confidence in them and we are sure their after sales service will be as good as pre-sales ! Skip Hop have produced a gorgeous new collection, the Greenwich in smoke or Rose is a favorite of ours and our selling really well. Plus the Chelsea changing backpack is super smart and like the rest of the collection is great value.  The whole brand seems open, modern and upbeat - you know exactly what you are getting .... their strap line is 'must -haves- made better - yes they are! Skip Hop were our fastest growing brand in 2017.


So would a summary help ... What kind of mother are you?


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