About Us

Tracy and I started Mummy & Little Me in Lincoln in 2006, we were both new mothers and a familiar story, but like so many you hear in our Industry we couldn't (in Lincoln) find the sort of products we wanted to buy for us and our children. So we decided to open up a Boutique ourselves, which offered Pregnant and new mothers everything they needed. Before we knew what was happening we had 3 shops and a rapidly growing website... Dashing about between 3 cities was hard but we somehow managed it for 6 years,  before long we realised we needed to concentrate on the core of the business which was our website.

We were and still are passionate about having a website that not just sells to you but helps you, we wanted to be the font of all knowledge and place where customers could come and read about fellow pregnant women in lots of different situations, plus they could get advice as well. So we got in touch with a local Midwife and G.P. who have helped us with month by month tips for your pregnancy and had a huge amount of blogs from experts and customers.

We are now known as the Baby Changing bag experts in the UK and have over 200 changing bags on our website - If you need any advice then we are always available for chat - plus we have 1000's of reviews on our site now.

Plus of course we have our very successful Mummy & Little Me Retreat weekends in Champneys a few times a year - as voted in the Times in their Top 50 Worldwide retreats!

By doing this it also meant we could spend more time with our children and actually spend more time looking after our customers in the way we wanted to! So it has been a win win situation all round.