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It's hard even getting out the house with a baby

Tuesday, 9 February 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me


 Getting out is the best thing you can do!

 Postnatal recovery is difficult. You're getting used to a new life and sometimes it's not easy. There's a new little person who needs you 24/7. There's a recovery period for your body. There's the sleepless nights and a huge washing pile. But I'm here to tell you it does get easier.

 Baby 3 is now 12 weeks old. It's gone very quickly but with 2 other children around home can feel claustrophobic but getting out of the house feels like a chore. The best thing I've found over the last few weeks is that when I'm out of the house life feels 100 times better than it does if I'm at home in my PJs all day. That's not to say PJs don't have a place but all day every day does nothing for your confidence!

 I've started to keep my baby change bag stocked so all I have to do is grab it and go! I have nappies, a change of clothes for the youngest two (and a tee for me!) and a few snacks. I tend to keep it stocked up and next to the front door.

 Another habit to get into is to leave a sling ready to use near the front door too or have your buggy ready to go. I've found the earlier I get out the better so make sure that each night you're set up in case it needs to be a quick escape out of the house.

 My partner does the school run with the eldest and is in charge of her each morning. As littlest feeds from 4:30 to 6:30 am I know that he can be popped into a buggy and it's just me and our toddler to get ready.

 Having clothes out ready to change into really helps and there's nothing wrong with just getting dressed and leaving. In fact my favourite treat of the week is getting out and sitting somewhere for breakfast. Less washing up and possibly a nicer experience as there are none of the usual at home distractions too.

 For us long walks are always good. With the buggy I can guarantee that both boys will nap due to the continual motion. It's an essential time as your mind can be free to wonder and although the kids are there it is such a nice relief to get some headspace!

 So adventure out of the house! It's a really good remedy for those baby fog days.



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