Putting together your hospital bag


Even if you have opted for a home birth a hospital bag is a must for every expectant mummy (it's always best to be prepared). It is recommended you get your bag all ready and prepared from about 36 weeks to avoid any last minute panics – we get lots of calls from customers asking what we think they need in their bag so we have come up with a list of things from our site plus other items you may need ...


No.1 Of Course Is The Bag !

If you can fit everything into your baby changing bag fabulous, but if not then you could just put all your little ones bits and bobs in another small bag for you. It is handy to keep them separate so when your midwife asks your other half for babies clothes etc its all ready for him to hand over. With over 200 baby changing bags on our website we are sure you will find one you like.

Changing Bag

changing bags

Storksak Leather
Order yours now!

Pink Lining Bags
Wise Owls - very popular right now!


Storksak Noa - £75
This bag comes in lots of fabulous colours and has proven to be a best seller over the last few months. Lightweight, great for summer holidays!

Storksak Bailey
The perfect Hospital bag, lightweight and made of canvas with everything in you need - comes with a matching food and bottle bag £125

2. Nursing Bras

If you are planning on nursing then we have the perfect bra for you, the Bravado Nursing bra is so comfortable that it will be your best friend over the next few weeks. This bra is different to any nursing bra on the market in that you can buy it from the very beginning of your pregnancy and it will grow with you - it’s amazing!!

Nursing Bras

Feeding Bras

Taking you from 8 weeks onwards


3. Essentials

Nursing pads are necessary, we noticed that some disposable breast pads can cause soreness and itching (it’s the chemicals in them we gather) so do invest in some nice quality ones you can reuse – or if you don’t want the hassle then try organic ones. Sore breasts can be an issue for new breast feeders so give yourself as much help as possible.

Pillows - As a new mother whether you are breast or bottle feeding it’s hard to get baby at the right angle and some support makes it so much easier - these pillows are wonderful and they also make great support in bed when you are pregnant.

Nursing Pads

Nursing Tops

Nursing Tops
Nursing tops as previously mentioned are a must for nursing mothers, they keep you covered up while you feed your baby so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Pregnancy Pillows
Dad’s if you are reading this and your partner is thrashing about in bed buy her one of these, it will be the best investment you can make and you can now get some rest again.


4. Maternity Nightwear

Comfortable nightwear is very important  - you will need extra nightwear as remember if baby is poorly, or if your breast leaks you will need a clean one to hand! We would recommend you take 2 to hospital – if you get one that is breast feeding friendly then there is no embarrassment when the father in law visits his grand child (we have been there!) Plus it’ll make you feel human again to be able to change into something soft and comfortable.

Maternity Nightwear

Maternity Nightwear

So soft and comfortable

Maternity Nightwear

5. Baby Swaddles

Midwives will show you how to swaddle your baby, it must not be too tight as they need to be able to stretch. These giant muslins are amazing and once you have used them for swaddling you will use them for, nursing, covering the pram, changing the baby on, burping... the list is endless - these are a must for every new mother.  After being tucked up securely inside you for 9 months swaddling makes your baby feel secure and definitely aids sleeping!.



Aden + Anais
Swaddles, musy's, bibs & more

Aden and Anais
The softest muslin you will ever find


6. Baby Blankets

A lovely quality baby blanket may seem slightly extravagant but you really do need to buy quality as all these things will be washed and washed - Aden + Anais products all start beautifully soft but unlike most muslin products they get softer and softer - the dream blankets we have all had for over 5 years and they are truly wonderful.

Aden and Anais

Aden and Anais

Divinely soft

Aden and Anais


7. Baby Comforters

Although you may think at this stage why would I need a comforter, we will tell you why. Before the baby is born if you make sure you sleep with the comforter and it gets your smell on it then when baby is born, it will do it’s job, although baby possibly won’t be able to grab it yet they will smell you and they will take comfort from that, there is no doubt of that.

Baby Comforters

Baby Comforters

Choose from a range of colours
Cute and adorable

Twinkle, elephant and monkey all available

Baby Comforters

8. Toiletries

Last but not least, we all found that having a bath (or 5) after birth was one of the most comforting things you can do - we stock the wonderful Love Boo that have no nasties in and are all about making you feel rejuvenated and nourished.



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