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Babymel Changing Bags

1 CommentFriday, 5 February 2016  | 

We have been selling Babymel changing bags for about 5 years now,  they are sister company to Storksak and very different to them indeed. We have watched them flourish every season, they offer great quality changing bags at great prices. 

However this season we think it is their best season so far - we love the new Millie Changing bags


Just look at them!  Great looking bags, classic elegant and guess what?  The best bit is the price ..... These little beauties are only £70. As with all our changing bags they have everything in a new mum could want / need - the Changing mat, the insulated bottle warmer, integrated stroller straps and a huge amount of pockets to keep you organised and ordered.


Or how about the Cara's - this new shape arrived last year and has already proved to one of the best selling Babymels' ever! They are very girl about town .... and of course yes they have everything in you could need -



And guess what - the best part is at time of writing we are doing an amazing offer - buy one of these new season bags then pick a lovely baby changing station free, this is worth £19.95 and they come in real handy when little one is going to Granny's or you are just nipping off somewhere. (while stocks last girls) 




Lastly we have the Frankies - what an amazing price point these great unisex bag are! In black and blue they will fit in with any family and also make great holiday bags. 



So if you want a changing bag that is great quality - we can vouch for Babymel they really are and the best thing is they have a no quibble exchange if there is a problem... and great value then in our opinion you cannot beat this brand this season!

Donna Webb
Monday, 22 February 2016  |  22:47

I've just received my Millie bag and love, love, love it. It is a great looking bag and very practical, I can pack everything that is needed for a baby and a toddler and still have lots of space for my belongings too. This bag really does have the wow factor.

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