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What should you get a new Mummy for Christmas?

Tuesday, 15 December 2015  |  Admin


 I've been a 'new' mum around Christmas twice. It's such a magical time of the year to have a little baby around. Coming out of pregnancy and into motherhood at such a busy time is fun but can also be tiring. You have to remember that you have just given birth and that you don't want to take on too much!

 One thing that can make it easier is the help of others or gifts that will be super practical in the first few months while you settle into your new routine. These could be anything from time to something that makes mum feel extra special. Here are a few things I'd suggest to get mama....

 If you are the new mums partner or maybe a group of friends clubbing your cash together then you have to buy her the beautiful Elizabeth Tan Changing Bag by Storksak  This oozes elegant mum rather than any wipe clean change bag on the market! Mum will feel super chic! It's perfect for mum dates or says out without the kids too. Pop on a costa coffee voucher for when she needs that caffeine hit too!

 Give mum an hour off to have a mini spa break in her bathroom! Light some candles, pour a glass of wine and let mum have an hour of peace and quiet. You'll need this Love Boo Luxury Mummy Spa kit to help!. Looking after her skin is probably her last priority so something like this says it's ok to take some time to look after yourself too.

 If she's a nursing mum or due date falls shortly this maternity/nursing nightie from Amoralia is luxurious! It's soft fabric and lace trim make it perfect for Christmas morning! She'll feel like a movie star on the big day wearing this.

If mum is rushing around make sure she has some time for her on Christmas Day. Get her to grab her latest book and snuggle on the sofa while the kids play. Make sure the dishes aren't her chore for the day. And make sure you have some time as a couple on the big day too. A snuggle on the sofa is my ideal end to the big day!
What's on your Christmas list this year?