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6 facts about mens buying habits

Thursday, 17 December 2015  |  Admin

Maybe you are lucky enough to be one of those women that get a huge amount of wonderful surprise gifts and your husband just seems to get it right every time - if you are, let me tell you you are in a minority. That is not to say that there are not millions of adoring men out there buying gorgeous gifts for you all ( thank goodness ) However they do have a few things in common with there buying habits. Now you could read this and say isn't that sexism? Bold as brass ...maybe it is - however when you have been selling to the public as long as us, you will notice that and be able to say  categorically  that men have very different buying habits to women! At this time of year we spend a lot of time on the phone giving your partners advice on which changing bag they should buy you. They do love to call us and talk over the options, often will have a bit of a laugh with us and approach the matter in a different way. Here we have some facts - these are based on our customer base ....


Fact 1  They nearly always leave reviews for good service - thanks boys!

Fact 2  They do not always look for voucher codes 

Fact 3  If they phone up they will always ask for a deal ( but just don't want to faff around looking on the website for one) 

Fact 4  They love good customer service and are very often blown away by it. 

Fact 5  They leave the shopping until the last minute ( sorry boys but it's true) 

Fact 6  This means they often order having to pay for next day delivery.


So chaps if you are reading this it's not a dig at all - in fact you buying habits keep us rather amused here and we love chatting to you all.... 

So don't forget if you are being indecisive about what changing bag to buy ... just call us on 01522 684153