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Winter or Summer baby that is the question?

Tuesday, 1 December 2015  |  Admin

Having a Winter Baby

I am so excited to be welcoming my second baby into the world in Winter! Already I can see beautiful knitwear, cosy blankets and rosy cheeks. My first son was born in the summer and I endured a long, hot and uncomfortable pregnancy, and so far I am finding the chillier months much kinder on my pregnant body. But what will I need to consider when my winter baby arrives? The first thing will how be how to dress a newborn in the winter. In order to find the right balance of nice and warm but not too hot, I will be using layers when dressing my baby. Using a bodysuit as a base, then a babygrow, a warm and snuggly jumper or cardigan and a snowsuit for when we are out walking in the pram. It will be nice to go for winter walks and get some fresh air, but I am sure I will always be worrying if my baby is warm enough! You can add knitted hats and mittens and then remove as and when you feel is appropriate. It is never a bad idea to have extra layers and winter accessories packed in your nappy bag - just in case!

I will avoid using a snowsuit when the baby is in the car seat, as the extra padding means the straps wouldn't be tight enough to the baby’s body if you were in an accident. I will use a thin, fleecy layer and a blanket on top if needed for car journeys. This way, when going in and out of the cold it will be fairly quick and easy to help regulate baby’s temperature. The guidelines on how to dress a baby suggest putting them in one more layer than you need yourself.

For night-time sleeping, some babies enjoy being swaddled as it makes them feel safe and their startle reflex doesn’t wake them up. However, there are lots of guidelines and arguments for and against swaddling, with the idea that if they get too hot they will be unable to kick the blanket off if swaddled. You can also use baby sleeping bags or just a simple blanket - it really is down to personal preference and also what works best for your baby. It is a good idea to speak to your Midwife or Health Visitor to well informed on the latest guidelines around safe sleeping.

Another thing to consider is that during the winter months, colds and viruses are rife and easy for a baby to catch. It is a good idea to make sure you are up-to-date with all the pregnancy vaccinations that are available to you, to help protect yourself and also your baby when they are first born. Your baby will then be offered their own vaccinations against many childhood illnesses from 8 weeks old.

I think Winter is going to be a lovely season to get to know my newborn baby and I am looking forward to lots of snuggles in the warm. Having a baby is special whatever the season, and it will remain a period of time you look back on with great fondness. Those first few weeks really do go quickly so enjoy every precious second - whatever the weather.

> By Sarah Morgan
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