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Why you should own an aden + anais swaddle

Wednesday, 4 November 2015  |  Admin

If you have never heard of the aden + anais swaddles then let us enlighten you! We started stocking them about 6 years, but the real frenzy for them started taking place after Kate Middleton had wrapped young Prince George in one at 3 days old!

We started of small with the 4 pack swaddles only and have slowly over the years grown to selling virtually every product they sell - however the swaddles have and still are the best sellers in the whole range. You may wonder why something like a swaddle, or giant muslin , is such a good seller ? Well  we will enlighten you.


When your baby is born they are used to being in a confined space so they actually loved to be swaddled, these giant muslin have some stretch in them so they can move their little bodies around and stretch, just like they could in the womb.  So this all feels very natural to them.....


Ok you are thinking but they only  need swaddling for a small period of time so why waste my money?  Yes this is true babies often do not like being swaddled for a long time and very soon grow out of it - however do not fear as here are all the other things you can do with a swaddle.

You can use it as a blanket in the car

You can drape it over the top of your pram so it acts as a cover keeping the sunlight away from their eyes.

You can burb you baby over your shoulder using this

You could use it as a breast feeding cover when you are out in company,

You can change your babies nappy on one

As your children get older certain items will never be used again, like for instance dummies, moses baskets however we still use ours for ....  dressing up, playing dollies and teddy bear picnics, taking to the beach, taking on holiday as a beach towel.