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Why you need these essentials for your baby

Wednesday, 16 March 2016  |  Admin

When you find out you are pregnant, you will inevitably start looking at all the purchases you need to make to ensure your baby has everything they need. It can be real difficult to work out what you definitely need when there are so many items available.

When I first went baby shopping, I could not believe the amount of items that were available to buy. What would I find useful? What would my baby use?

These were some of the items that Were essential in Jack's first year.

1. A steriliser

If you choose to bottle-feed your baby you will need a steriliser. Bacteria grows quickly in milk. A steriliser is vital and ensures your babies bottles, tears and dummies are kept clean.

There are three main types of sterilisers to choose from. These are microwave sterilisers, cold water sterilisers and electric sterilisers. I opted for an electric steriliser and picked one that could sterilise six bottles in one go. While a small steriliser may take up less surface space, I found that a large steriliser meant I did all the washing and sterilising of bottles less often. That can only be a good thing!

Alongside a steriliser you will also need bottles, formula milk and a bottle and teat brush.

2. Car Seats

If you drive you will need to buy a car seat. By law all children must sit in a car or booster seat until they are 135cm tall or 12 years old (whichever comes first.) There are new laws regarding car seats coming into place. These laws are currently being phased in and are running alongside the current set of regulations. With so many different types of car seats, I made sure I spoke to trained staff in shops to find out more. They will often fit your car seat for you if you wish them too.

3. Baby Bath

Bathing a baby is difficult enough without bathing them in an adult bath. Jack was super wriggly in the bath so a baby bath was a great purchase for us. You can a baby bath or a bath support/seat that can be placed in your adult bath. This will give you confidence as you bath your baby.

4. Pushchairs

When your baby is a newborn they will spend a great amount of time in their pushchairs. This is therefore a pretty important and expensive purchase. You can buy so many different types of pushchairs from travel systems to all terrain pushchairs.

Whichever pushchair you choose to buy, there are a few things that I considered when purchasing mine.

Does the pushchair face both ways?

When Jack was a newborn he faced me in the pushchair however as he got older he wanted to see more than just me. Luckily my pushchair faced outwards too. It was the best of both worlds!

Can you clip a car seat onto the base?

Looking back I didn't realise how important a decision this was. When I was just popping to the shops for bread or milk and Jack had fallen asleep in the car, being able to clip my car seat to the pushchair was a lifesaver.

Is it easy to fold?

You only realise how important this is when it are trying to get on the bus or are in a rush to get the pushchair into the boot of your car. It's really worth checking this before you buy.

5. Cots/Moses baskets/bassinets

Choosing where your baby will sleep in those first few months can be difficult. Whilst babies can go straight into the cot, many parents choose to buy a bassinet or Moses baskets for their baby to sleep in for those first few months.

I brought Jack a Moses basket for him to sleep in for those first few months. If I were to have another baby I wouldn't buy one of these again. They only last for 3 months and lose shape quite quickly. Next time I will invest in a crib.

Have fun shopping!