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Why you need a Bamboo swaddle for your baby

Friday, 11 March 2016  |  Admin


For those of you who have never felt Bamboo then you may think it sounds like an odd material to be soft, how can wood feel like silk I hear you asking ....but we think you will be very surprised when you feel it - and more importantly your baby will feel very happy and comfortable in it. It's the perfect material to swaddle a baby in, but apart from that here are some very good reasons to have and aden + anais bamboo swaddle.


These giant swaddles have so many uses, yes of course you can swaddle, but also use as a nursing cover, to change the baby on, to use as a light blanket, or maybe as a comforter, great for the beach, or of course for burping - the list is endless- once you have a swaddle in your changing bag you will find you need it all the time. Plus if you take advantage of our offer you can get a special Bamboo swaddle like the one above free....... why Bamboo ? Read these reasons - they may surprise you. 



  • Your baby will be very happy having bamboo against their skin as it feels more like silk, but warm
  • Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool - it is so luxurious
  • Bad Bacteria is something you do want want your baby covered in and this material is naturally antibacterail 
  • It is perfect for little ones with sensitive skin and allergies
  • Bamboo absorbs moisture which keeps baby's skin dry
  • Bamboo naturally has a UV protection in it so perfect to lay a swaddle over baby when you are on your holidays
  • Bamboo grows faster than any other plant without pesticides, this means it is very green.
  • Last but not least is we are doing a fab offer at the moment - if you spend £50 or more on any aden + anais then you will receive a bamboo swaddle free of charge.

Plus you have the normal muslin swaddles which are also so soft - here are the new colours, we love the high seas swaddle ( in blue) plus another favourite is the Bamboo flower child muslin  ( see below ) ...Little ones love to be swaddled, it reminds them of being inside Mummy's Tum... 


The brand new Bamboo Flower child 


This summer aden + anais are bringing out a limited edition set of Disney swaddles... we have already seen them and I will tell you girls they are absolutely beautiful , they are doing the Bambi 4 pack swaddle which is my favourite, winnie the pooh which is equally cute with a map of 100 acre wood - plus an old favourite the Jungle book - we should be launching these as pre-order end of April so keep your eyes peeled.....


Don't forget our own Prince George was seen swaddled in an aden + anais jungle jam swaddle at 3 days old ... if it's good enough for him need we say more?