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Why Try and Plan a Birth?

Monday, 30 November 2015  |  Admin

Two weeks ago we were taken surprise by baby number 3 arriving. You would have thought we would have learned a lesson about planning a baby? Nope doesn't matter that we have had one overdue baby and one premature baby! We had a plan with number 3 just the same!

When people say they're making a birth plan I often reply to make it birth wishes! Well I should really take my own advice, yes? Well I have realised I don't either. It may not be written down but here was how number 3s plan was supposed to be!

(Photo 38 weeks pregnant and on the way to the hospital. )

Book section date for 39 weeks.

Tick - a choice of two dates and we went for the 23rd November.

Organise childcare for 23rd and 24th November.

Tick - my sister had booked two days off and two friends of ours were around to help with childcare too.

Organise cleaner for section day so Gav didn't have to worry about making sure everything was clean for our return home.

Tick - cleaner booked for 23rd and the following week too.

Pack hospital bags

Tick - we went for two BabyMule classic change bags. One in black for daddy and a new plum colour for me.



Or so we thought! At 38 weeks I even organised Fizz to have a sleepover for Children In Need. Friday I went in to have reduced movements monitored. I should have known then that our newest little boy would be as impatient as his brother! We went ahead with the sleepover.

What happened next we weren't really prepared for! I woke up having a contraction at 5:40 am. By 8:26 we had a baby! I arrived at the hospital with contractions two minutes apart and practically demanding an epidural complaining that this wasn't in the plan! More fool me! Babies come when they're ready mummy, don't you know that?


So as we are settling (or creating a new level of craziness) in I'm wondering why we put so much pressure on our pregnant bodies to go to a plan. Why we feel the need to organised ourselves and our babies......if you know the answer let me know!