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Top 5 Pregnancy Treats by Sarah

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Top 5 Pregnancy Treats

During pregnancy you often experience periods of time where you feel full of energy and revitalised, followed by being unable to sleep and feeling exhausted. Add your fluctuating hormones into the mix and you are in for a very bumpy ride! Lots of women struggle with the changes to their body and it can be an emotional time for many reasons. The waiting, the excitement, the unknown - it all can start to build up on you and that is why it is important to make sure you take some time out to focus on yourself and to relax. I have put together a little guide of some must-haves during pregnancy to help you on those difficult days. Here are my top 5 pregnancy treats for mums-to-be:

A Journal or Diary

It is a really nice idea to record your pregnancy and write down everything you are experiencing - sometimes just writing your thoughts down can really help if you are stressed or nervous. Likewise it will be lovely to record all the excitement and precious moments - when you felt the first kicks or first heard the baby’s heartbeat. It will be something really special to keep and reflect on once your baby is born - you will be so proud of the journey you have been on!

Pregnancy Pamper Products

There are some excellent cosmetic products on the market designed specifically for pregnant women which can feel like a real treat. Bubble bath, bump cream, stretch mark oil - everything you need to pamper your ever-changing body. Make sure you take some time to indulge in a nice, long bath and some of these smellies. It will also help to relieve your tired joints and aching back.

Pregnancy Massage

Talking of your aching back - why not treat yourself to a pregnancy massage? Lots of beauty salons offer treatments especially for mums-to-be, where you lay on your side for the duration of your treatment. They will use aromatherapy oils that are safe in pregnancy and help to relax you. I think a massage is particularly beneficial in the third-trimester when you are at your heaviest and possibly feeling quite uncomfortable. It will give you something to look forward to and perhaps distract you from the wait to meet your little one!

Pregnancy Pillow

If you are finding it difficult to get into a comfortable position at night, I would really recommend a pregnancy pillow. They help to support your body and allow you to get some sleep. Some women suffer from painful hips and these pillows can be used to align the ankles, knees and hips to stop that pain from occurring. If you are finding it uncomfortable just sitting down you can wrap a pregnancy pillow around you to support your back as well. Also, once your baby is born, you can keep using your pillow as a support for feeding your baby - perfect!

Maternity Pyjamas

I think it is really important to have at least one perfect pair of pyjamas when you are pregnant. Although maternity loungewear is a little more expensive than normal nightwear, it is so worth it! It is really important that you feel comfortable and are able to relax - and there is nothing worse than a pair of trousers that dig in and an over stretched t-shirt! It may also be a nice thing to have for when you go into hospital to have your baby, a bit of comfort when you need it most.

By Sarah Morgan

Sarah is a crafty mum of one with another one the way and writes a pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle blog over at

Monday, 9 November 2015  |  11:00

Sarah we love this blog as it's about mental and physical well being not just about things that cost money :)

If anyone else what to send us a blog on their pregnancy loves / treats or anything else then just email them through to us.!