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Top 5 changing leather bags ...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015  | 

Why these leather bags are our top 5 best selling leather baby changing bags brands ... in no particular order.....


1) Jem + Bea :We are going to start with the fabulous new brand . We have been exclusive with this brand for the last 6 weeks so orders have been flying in - we are very excited about the future with Jem + Bea, they have already sold the first batch of bags, so we are all keenly awaiting the next batch due end of October. The Jemima seems to be a very popular bag, gorgeous leather and very practical.  

2) Storksak : Storksak changing bags have been a favorite of ours for a long time, but the Elizabeth has always been very popular with our customers, in fact we have more reviews on this leather bag than any other bag ( out of 200) . WE find these changing bags are particularly popular with women who are going back to work and need something that looks less baby and more like a normal handbag.


3) PacaPod : A brand so different to any other, this 3 pod system is genius and will certainly suit the more organised mothers, or indeed the ones that want to be! Our fav leather changing bag is the Firenze, the shape of this bag is beautiful and it comes in 2 lovely colours.



4) lin and Leo : This brand have been well established for a few years and have consistently turned out great looking bags at a really good price - the Lin and Leo in tan is the most popular colour, we really love the chocolate colour - fabulous insides and good quality leather. 


5) Storksak : The Storksak Sofia changing bag is a classic large bag that has always had a top place in our hearts, if you are having twins and want a leather bag then this we would highly recommend, the leather on these bags also gets softer and softer over the years.



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