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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Thursday, 23 May 2013  |  Admin

Linda Milner of Nu Yu massage explains why a massage can not just be good for you but for the baby as well

 Pregnancy is a miracle, a fluid retaining, sleep deprived, fatigued, achy miracle.

Those 9 months can be wonderful but also stressful and exhausting, with the extra baby weight and everyone wanting to give you advice or touch your bump. You were hoping for a pregnancy glow but all you seem to have got is sheen of sweat!

If your aches and pains are making you miserable NU-YU Massage Therapy can help. We offer pregnancy massage for mums to be and it’s not for just aches and pains it is a great pampering treat which may be tricky to get once junior arrives. Lying face down isn’t possible during pregnancy so the massage is done mostly with you lying on your side supported with cushions and bolster pillows, you can relax, listen to the soothing music and let us work our magic.

Not only will the treatment help to alleviate back ache, tired legs/feet, and fatigue it can also reduce swelling in the ankles, legs and hands, improve circulation and skin elasticity. Massage is soothing and calming which can reduce stress levels and also increase the release of endorphins (feel good hormones) which will benefit the baby, you never know he/she might be so chilled out that they miss their night-time footy match!!!!

NU-YU Massage Therapy hold a diploma in Pregnancy Massage and are located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, just off Junction 39 of the M1 (Denby Dale Junction).

A 60 minute relaxing stress relieving Pregnancy Massage is only £35. If you book and take 6 pregnancy massages you will receive a complementary full body massage after “the big push”
(minimum of 2 weeks after the birth, 6 weeks if c section)

For further information please see our website or like our Facebook page NU-YU Massage Therapy