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Storksak Organics - 3 great reasons to buy them

Wednesday, 14 October 2015  |  Admin

Three very good reasons to buy the gorgeous new Storksak Organics range ...

Sometimes when our brands venture in to new territory we don't necessarily love the new products they bring out - which is always disappointing. So when Storksak who are renowned world wide for their amazing baby changing bags, told us they were doing a new baby bath range called ' Storksak Organics' we didn't get too over excited as we had not even smelt it and tested it at that stage. Earlier this year however the excitement started to build as we travelled to the huge baby trade fair in Cologne, Germany and we were treated to some of the nicest smells we have smelt in a long time. 

Storksak have travelled the countryside and tried to pick everything they love about it - we have pears, honey and chamomile which seems to us so English it's almost impossible to be more English -  we can  also confirm firstly and most importantly, it smells divine, it's delicate and  it hints at the countryside  rather than blowing away your sense of smell - on top of that there are two other reasons to get some of these lovely aromas in your bathroom- the packaging and the price! The packaging is very similar to a Liberty of London style, which means they make lovely gifts for your friends.


And everything in the range is very reasonably priced - starting prices at £2.95 for the wipes finishing at £30 for the Baby Spa box .  Arriving at the end of October 2015