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Storksak Organics smell look and feel great!

Thursday, 29 October 2015  |  Admin

Getting ready for baby with Mummy & Little Me // Storksak Organics


After being so caught up in making sure I have enough clothes, and all the bigger baby “stuff” i´d completely pushed to the back of my mind the little baby “stuff” the bath products, and nappy cream, stuff like that, stuff that is just as equally important as having enough baby socks!
I want to try out something organic and different to what you buy in the supermarkets this time around as we hear more and more bad things about the commercial products. I´ve found these lovely looking organic baby products from Storksak on the Mummy and Little Me website and think they look and sound lovely, and I bet they smell lovely too!! Being formulated by the fragrance experts of Grasse the scent is inspired by the tranquillity of the countryside and combines scents of English pear, camomile and honey.
On the Mummy and little me website they say that they are made using the finest natural and organic ingredients keeping in mind the babys delicate skin. They are dermatalogically approved with no Parabens, SLS, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances.
Dont they sound great!!

Mummy and little me also stock this beautiful gift set which comes Baby Bath Gel, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Balm and a pack of baby wipes. The perfect gift for someone who already “has the big baby stuff” they like me may have completely forgotten about the little things!