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Storksak Elizabeth Changing Bag and why we love it

Friday, 18 September 2015  | 

Storksak Elizabeth Tan

We have noticed over the years that this is one bag that never goes out of fashion or indeed hot demand! In fact we have more reviews about the Elizabeth Tan than any other bags - Click Here to read   . So Why is this we wonder... lets take a look at the cold hard facts surrounding the mystery  mega sales for this bag.

  1. It has  timeless shape and looks and is a very classic looking bag meaning it will stay looking fashionable for a long time.
  2. It is one of our lightest weighing leather bags, trust us once you fill them they don't want to start off to heavy.
  3. It does not scream BABY at you, so really suits professional women who need a great handbag as well as a baby changing bag.
  4. Endurance, we know from experience  this bag will look as good in 5 years as it does now as it's made from great quality leather.
  5. Price - £199 may seem expensive on the face of it but long term it is no more than you would spend on a good quality handbag so well worth the price tag.
  6. Size - we often find that if you buy a bag too big you simply take too much 'stuff' out - this bag is the perfect size we think.

The Storksak Elizabeth also comes in other lovely colours - the walnut is another favorite of ours although we all think its looks more chocolate than walnut - plus the quilted which is slightly more expensive but very upmarket looking.



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