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Sarah's C-section is booked and her bags are packed

Thursday, 17 October 2013  |  Admin

Omg so exhausted !!! 36 weeks and counting ..... I'm off to the midwife today as ive had sugar in my urine twice and gtt and random blood sugars have come back normal ish ??? I'm also measuring 3-4cm bigger than I should and babies measurements are heading off the chart !
My c section is booked for 31st of October so im hoping that my team stick to this date :) both bags are packed which was a mammoth task its self , im trying to pack lightly , but capsule wardrobe packing doesn't work for c section weekends away , sorry gok !!!! I've packed my mini wash bag in hope that im only in hospital the very minimum amount of days !! I'm having waves of excitement followed by waves of nervous feelings then generally just feeling sick :(
My two.boys are also prepared and over night bags are packed and sorted too ! Though luckily its half term in derby so makes planning a bit easier.
Moses basket and cribs are up and made and clothes are washed and ready so we are all organised ish ........ Its just my head thats a complete shed !!! I'm still wondering how ill ever cope with 3 children and if ill ever leave the house again ..........