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Sarah gets the mirror out and investigates!

2 CommentsWednesday, 23 October 2013  |  Admin

I've had a really hectic couple of weeks. I've been to see friends "down south" who generously gave me a car seat, and bags of clothes and toys, have been to school fundraisers, been to see my niece in Macbeth and had a friend over from Australia. So totally rushed off my feet for 2 weeks, I'm absolutely shattered I have to admit. I've been a bit distracted from being pregnant but now I've finally sat down, watched the Bake Off final and had time to think about the past two weeks and had a look at the last blog and I'm amazed at how much I've changed since I wrote the last one. I don't know if I even have any of the ailments that I listed last time still. The pain in my back has gone, but I've been using a special pregnancy cushion to lean on. My headaches and sicky feeling have gone too which is great.

I have, however acquired some new ones. I get a pain in my hand which I worried may have been Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or as I like to called it Calpol Tunnel, as apparently this comes on during pregnancy, however since I've been so busy and not had much time to sew I've noticed it's eased off so probably just boring old RSI. I also get a real acidic feeling in my throat quite a lot. I have no idea what this could be, I haven't even googled it, but have noticed chocolate digestives help calm it down a bit! My eating habits have totally changed now too.I pretty much graze my way through the day, I can't eat anything too big and when I get home after work, I can only have soup and find it hard to eat later than 7pm and especially not later than 8pm (apart from chocolate digestives obviously) or it makes me feel quite rough. It's pretty amazing how much people mention your weight to you too when you're pregnant. I've had lots of warnings to watch what I eat, and everyone likes to tell you how you look. I'm not sure if this means I've put a lot of weight on, I hope it doesn't, but I don't know as I've not been on the scales. I don't want to torture myself with it as I'm going to be a heck of a lot heavier now than I was since I last weighed myself, 18 weeks ago, however I am carrying a small child in a bag of water around with me. I recently bumped into someone that I haven't seen since I got pregnant and who I know from the slimming club I used to go to, who told me I "hadn't put any weight on, which was good and that I was all bump". Someone else asked me if I'd "been on the scales and how much I'd gained"! Now is it just me or are those kind of comments a little bit insensitive? If I had just gained weight without being pregnant would people say "oh you've put some weight on, let go of that chocolate digestive"? I honestly don't think they would. Either way I'm going to keep giving my body what it's asking for as it knows what it needs, that's the way I look at it and part of me thinks that watching your figure and dieting while pregnant is surely as bad as smoking while pregnant. To me it means you're putting your own needs ahead of the baby's and although that needs to be done sometimes surely with things like diet as long as I'm healthy, taking my vitamins and getting my food groups covered that's the most important thing? Of course I say that now, I'll regret it when I realise I've got 4 stone to lose in 3 months time!

With the constant grazing that I'm doing I'm forever spilling food all over me. I'm not sure why I'm suddenly a messy eater but it's OK as I have a huge shelf that everything drops on to in my massive bosom. My boobs seem to have gone through another growth spurt which I only noticed the other day in the office while I was trying to fish out half a chocolate digestive from my cleavage. Luckily there was only my sister and I in work that day and as I was fishing around something felt a bit different. So I gave my boob a little squeeze (yes we're back to that) and my nipple sort of had something come out of it. There wasn't loads of liquid but it sort of glistened like something was almost going to come out. So my boobs were out my top quicker than you can say Double D Cup and when my sister had stopped retching we had a good inspection and it really does look like the milk is on its way. I find it very exciting but my sister finds it disgusting. When she finally stopped dry heaving she looked at me and said "my god Sarah, your boobs are massive", I went to look in the mirror and shes right, they are gigantic. They've changed shape and my nipples have doubled in size at least and got really dark (they were a bit pasty before) even my mum noticed when we were swimming. Anyway, I shoved them back into my bra and went on with my day grateful no one had walked past the office door while the inspection was going on.

There's other changes that have happened to me physically I've noticed. I'm going to try not to over-share here, although it is hard for me not to, but not only am I being dogged with thrush throughout the course of this pregnancy but now I've got myself some nice piles to go with it, top this off with uncomfortableness from the Aldi INCONTINENCE PADS and it's basically all going on south of the border! So there's creams and lotions being applied to the most intimate of places at the moment, I've never spent so much time there! To make sure I was all OK I got a mirror and I had a check to make sure everything was where it should be and I got the shock of my life. Now I don't often look at myself in the mirror like that, I don't know if people do or not, but I don't, but I had a general idea of what I looked like but even that's changed too. Again I won't go into details as some parts really are private but I understand why some people hate being pregnant and feel totally disconnected with their body. I've heard women say that their body didn't feel like their own anymore or that it felt like it was being taken over by something else and I really understand what they mean by that because although its still you, it's a different you. My body is changing shape almost daily, things are growing, parts are shifting, bits are moving up and down and almost everywhere is leaking. I also understand now why pregnant women want to talk about being pregnant all the time, and even though it's boring for everyone else, it's fascinating to watch all these changes happening so fast. It's almost as if my body is off doing its own thing. As if while I was off spending two weeks with friends, family, work and being distracted from being pregnant my body has taken that opportunity jump into the third trimester, to expand into full-on pregnancy without me even noticing. It's the strangest feeling but as its in control I'm just going with it as there's not much else I can do but sit by and watch. I hope it knows what it's doing.





Wednesday, 23 October 2013  |  11:05

Reading this reminds me so much of my pregnancy. The strangest feeling is watching your body change... makes you think 'how on earth is that going to go back to where it came from?!' Its a very clever machine - your body - when the time comes it knows exactly what to do, just go with this flow :)

Paula Wraith
Wednesday, 23 October 2013  |  17:03

I feel really bad now cos I asked you how much weight you had put on ! Sorry ! I had Carpul Tunnel dropped everything all the time its quite uncomfortable - anyway crack on lass your doing great and I pinky promise I wont ask you how much weight he he ! Mind you it must be those big boobs if there is anyway xx