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Pregnancy with a toddler in tow

Monday, 12 October 2015  |  Admin

When I announced my pregnancy a few months ago now I was under the impression that everything would carry on as it was. Fast forward (quite literally it's felt like that) and I'm now 33 weeks and I really don't know where the tome had gone. Or my energy for that matter!

My baby is now a toddler. At nearly 15 months he's climbing and walking. He's also not got a very good grasp as the word no too. All the delights of still having those baby cuddles are there but with added challenge has too.

There have been a few things that have made life easier.

He's started nursery. Not anything like full time but two afternoons a week from 1-6 I have some space. If you can afford a session a week do it for your sanity! I've saved up enough for now and the next 3 months. When baby is here it's important for your toddler to have that play time too!

Sleep when he sleeps! We are down to 1 nap a day (a second might feel like a bonus but actually it really does affect his going to bed at a reasonable hour). He sleeps from 9-11:30 ish or actually anytime between 8:30-12. He has a good two hours. Sometimes I sleep when he does, sometimes I work. But I try and use a little of the time to relax.

I've hired a cleaner. She comes every fortnight (sometimes weekly) and is the best £20 I spend a time. It means both Gav and I aren't panicking about the state of our home and things looks fresh for the weekend meaning more valuable family or sleep time!

My girl is picked up from school by another mum 4 times a week and is either met by me at the nearest bus stop to our home or collected by daddy. As she's nearly 6 play dates are brilliant but she's also not as energetic as the boy is at 5pm!

Pregnancy with a toddler is tough. I won't lie. But I'm sure it's only the first of many challenges of having two under two!


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