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Pregnancy is a waiting game

1 CommentFriday, 20 November 2015  |  Admin

New Frontiers…

The last couple of weeks since I saw the midwife have been interesting. There’s been a kind of lull, I suppose. I think I thought the first midwife appointment would sort of kick things off everything would start happening. But of course it hasn’t. We’re still waiting for the weeks to pass until our first scan.

One thing that has been happening is that I’ve been, ahem, growing in the boobs department. Typically being flat-chested, this has been quite a surprise to me as I just assumed that mine wouldn’t change in the way that larger-chested ladies’ seem to. But this week I had to accept that my lovely Calvin Klein underwired bras probably weren’t going to cut it anymore and I needed to upsize.

Cue a rather embarrassed whispered conversation with the lovely lady in the John Lewis lingerie department. Although I’m not sure that what I ended up with could really be classed as ‘lingerie’. The expert bra lady insisted that I should go for a non-wired bra and presented me with a selection of rather unattractive little numbers, from which I chose the least unattractive option.

So while I was rather excited by my new and improved bra size, I was left somewhat underwhelmed by the selection available. If anyone knows of any more attractive options for maternity undies, do let me know!

In other news, we are planning to tell the parents they are going to be grandparents this weekend. Which frankly I am relieved about, as I’m getting quite uncomfortable avoiding the subject! I had to change my jumper before seeing my parents the other day as my husband declared that it made me look ‘too pregnant’. I’m also looking forward to being able to share the news and chat about it freely. Hopefully they will be as pleased and excited as we are!

Friday, 20 November 2015  |  11:13

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