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Pregnancy Flutterings, a lovely feeling

Monday, 3 March 2014  |  Admin

Bump photo week 5-15

Flutterings are the term often given to the first baby movements that you are able to feel. When I was pregnant with Fizz I felt these for the first time around 18-19 weeks. I knew that often mums can feel these much earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

I first thought I was feeling flutterings around 12 weeks but as the feeling wasn't a definite one I passed this off as wind, like many mamas to be do. I felt the first movements across the line where my previous c section scar is. It took meeting with my midwife to confirm that these are intact my baby making him/herself known.

I love the flutterings - it is those few special weeks where you and only you feel your baby growing and moving. They are a source of relief too, no more panicking on whether baby is ok or not as you can feel them.

I have been told that daddy may not be able to feel these flutterings until the bump is bigger - around 21 weeks - which feels such a shame. I can't wait for this moment so that both Gav and Fizz can start to bond although at this point it will also be the countdown to birth too. It all feels like it is going far to quickly!