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Pink Lining New Season 2015

Wednesday, 30 September 2015  | 

Pink Lining New Season Bags Autumn 2015

If you are mad crazy about Pink Lining Changing bags then look no furthur than their lovely new collection ready for Autumn / Winter 2015.  Once again they adopted a cute animal, last season it was dalmation dogs and this season it is Pengiuns, not any old penguins though, these particular penguins are in love - the colours of the bags red grey and white which makes them a perfect unisex colour. The lining of course is pink, as all the Pink Lining bags are - but for those of you who are worried about having a boy with a pink lining, don't, because this bag is your baby changing bag, it is also your handbag for the next few years - plus this gorgeously bright linings means you will never lose your keys, phone or nappies again. The other two new season bags that have come out are the Tulips and the Blue Buttterfly, both of which are stunning new prints.   



If you are not sure you want to be a yummy mummy then they they also have a plain jane, which is exactly the same bag just without the yummy mummy logo. Or the new mini messenger which is a great small bag which you can strap across your shoulder if you are nipping out somewhere - they are wonderfully light and for those of you ho can travel light or only have one child they are perfect.



Or maybe try the bramley tote which is more of a shopper style bag - don't forget you can of course buy wash bags, wallets, bottle holders and lots more in the same range - plus if you have twins or 2 little ones close in age they do a fabulous twins bag where there are two of everything. 

To check out our full range over baby changing bags ( of which we have over 200) then please do go to our Changing bag page



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