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PacaPod Firenze a beautiful changing bag

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The PacaPod Firenze has been a favorite changing bag of ours for quite some time. Why?  Well if you don't know PacaPods already then check out  all their amazing features on our PacaPod. This particular  bag stands out because it really is the most delightful shape - we think it would fit very nicely on the streets of Paris, yes you could imagine a small dog peeping out of the top of this bag any day of the week, however it is probably better suited to nappies and wipes.  It's elegant and really does look the part. The leather really is sumptuous and it has a strokability factor of number 10! 

So why do you want a Pacapod changing bag in the first place? Well if you are an organised type then these great changing bags will tick your tidy boxes, with this 3 pod system, inside the mother bag you will find two baby bags, one for feeding and one for changing the baby - this is a great system and it means you always know exactly where everything is - and trust us sometimes when the little one is crying and your not sure which pockets the nappy's are in these few extra seconds you will gain will make all the difference to you.

PacaPods are designed by women for women, they understand very well exactly what it is a new mother needs and how to make life just a little easier for them. We have been selling PacaPod for 8 years now and have become one of their biggest fans - they have an amazing after sales service - so if you do have a problem, it is dealt with quickly and sensibly with a positive out come to our customers - in fact we will only deal with brands who can promise us our customers will be treated professionally.


So if you want something rather special - a treat to yourself - then we can totally recommend the PacaPod Firenze - think of it as investment for your future and for the welfare of your little one :)  












Thursday, 4 August 2016  |  10:47

Great blog post thanks, will definitely have to check these bags out they look so practical. Ruby

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