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Mother's Day Treats

Saturday, 27 February 2016  |  Admin

If you are not quite a Mummy yet but still feel you should be celebrating mothers day then this is the place to be - we have a huge amount of mother's day offers and treats for the next few days but it all really depends on what you are looking for. For instance if you need some gorgeous smellies for your newborn then the Storksak Organics should not be overlooked! A Brand new range from Storksak ( the baby changing bag brand ) which has surpassed all our expectations. To start with the packaging, is like a cross between the nicest Crabtree and Evelyn and Liberty's packaging you have ever seen - so very English! Yes we know that really packaging is not important it's about what is inside - but  they have got that right as well.  So we were saying, it's not all about the outside which as soon as you open it up you will quickly realise - English Pear aroma amongst others this beautiful range for babies really is quite exquisite - and boy for a new range it's selling so well. 


Or how about a free gift for you with our changing bags - these Melobaby nappy wallets in silver are fab - and lets face it you can easily use one for a posh night out as your evening bag ( don't forget to take the Nappies out first though will you) . Our Mother's day offer this week is buy any Melotote bags and get one of these gorgeous wallets free ( while stocks last) . Although this is something for the baby, you could definetly find other uses!



Or how about if you buy any baby changing bag you also get a free giant muslin muslin... they are amazing! More about those in a blog next week but lets put it like this - we still use ours and our kids are nearly grown up!


Happy Shopping to all Mothers and Mother's to be - we hope you have a lovely relaxing day, as lets face it - that's what you really want isn't it!