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Mini Baby Cards .... are Fab

Monday, 23 November 2015  |  Admin



I was sent these Milestone Mini Cards from Mummy & Little Me to help me record all the funny things that the 4 y/o says or does.
After seeing the Baby Milestone cards a little too late and wishing that I had them when she was a baby to keep track of all her little baby Milestones, I felt like id missed out a little bit but these cards more than make up for it now.

Theyre a great idea and will be so lovely to look back on when she is older and even to remind her (or embarrass her) of all the funny things she has said and done.
Like the time when she told me “My friends daddy has 5 willies!” I have no idea what they talk about at school with 4 years old but willies seemed to be her main subject at the moment. Needless to say I still cant look the father of her friend in the eye when I see him at school.


There are 100 cards with different fun and colourful designs which come in cute little box to keep them all together, where on the inside you can write your childs name and age.
I would love to fill all these in and give them to her on her 18th Birthday.

You can buy these cards from Mummy and Little Me for just £13.00.

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