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Me time! We all need a little but where can we find it?

Thursday, 25 February 2016  |  Admin

It's ok to look after you! My new mantra!

This week has probably been my toughest so far as a parent to 3. We have teething, colds/chesty coughs and two kids with an obvious need for attention.

I want to say to you that yes it's difficult but you know that's normal. But I would probably scoff at anyone that says this to me this week. It's a definite cliff edge moment when you get a week like this and I can certainly see how PND can start months after birth too.

Things that have happened so far this week

A trip to A&E with Baby Beatlebum
JediBoy is cutting 4 molars at the same time
Fizz has tested our patience with tantrums
Fizz has tried to suffocate her brother (the Toddler) while playing peek a boo
JediBoy has tried to climb everything and anything
Fizz has had 2 nosebleeds
JediBoy has also had 2 nosebleeds
I've reached out for help because my tether is fraying a little

Today I'm sitting in a cafe in Brighton station. I've booked JediBoy into our very flexible nursery. Fed and got the baby to sleep. Now I have a decaff coffee and a sausage bap and everything feels a bit clearer. I've packed my notebook into my change bag to get ideas and thoughts onto paper rather than whizzing around my head.

I wonder why I don't find time for me more often and the honest answer is 'where is the time?' As we got dinner at well aft 9pm last night it's laughable that there is any time for me or even for me and my partner. I know this time will pass my girl and the boys will get bigger and life should get easier on some ways (I know there will be other challenges). Thing is I need some me time now so I'm grabbing snippets while I can.

And it's ok for you to as well!