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Welcome to the Mummy Blogging family Liz

Friday, 1 November 2013  |  Admin

Sooo my first post as part of the mummyandlittleme family - eeeek!

My name is Liz, I'm 33, married to a very gorgeous man, mum to a very gorgeous 13 month old boy and 20 weeks pregnant - due in March 2014.

My son Austin, was a much longed for baby. We tried to make him for a long time and when we started to think maybe it wouldn't happen, I fell pregnant! A healthy (albeit fuelled with steak and burgers!) 9 months later, our beautiful boy Austin was born weighing a hefty 9lb 8oz (ouch!).

The day he was born, our lives changed in the most amazing way! My labour was all a daze (courtesy of a couple of canisters of gas and air!), I think I remember parts of it when I talk about it with hubby until he says "that's not what happened!". But then, he did fall asleep a few times during the 16 hours that I was high, so what does he know?! Apparently I tried to get him to feed our cats. Our cats who were obviously NOT in the labour room with us..!

After two hours of pushing to no avail, they whisked me down to theatre with the threat of a c section, only to try forceps as a last resort. Out our gorgeous little man popped and I fell in love with him in an instant.

Now he's a 13 month old little boy with his own cheeky personality. Running around chasing our cats, with his amazing curly hair bouncing as he toddles. He loves raspberries; macaroni cheese; anything with wheels; swings; Eeyore; bath time and having his teeth brushed or "tickled". He dances whenever there's music and sometimes when there's not! He is the centre of my world. My world that is soon to have another centre too, due in just under 5 months time. A whole new baby adventure for hubby and I, only this time we have our little man coming along for the ride...