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Kerikit Baby Changing bags have arrived

Wednesday, 9 December 2015  | 


I am in a fortunate position that my career to date has organically led me to the launch of KeriKit. I have worked within the fashion / accessories industry for over 20 years. I lived in Hong Kong for two years in my early twenties designing handbags for most of the high street (which is a whole other story for another blog!) I went on to become Head of design for numerous companies before my last role as a Senior Buyer for TK Maxx for 7 years.

Whilst pregnant with my first child Jasper I went in search of a changing bag and was left disappointed by the lack of choice available in the high street. I felt the quality was lacking and the leather changing bags that were available appeared quite small. Two years later I fell pregnant with the twins Charlie and Aryella and again felt frustrated by the offer available at the time and more importantly the size!

I believe many mothers want to remain stylish and fashionable while pregnant and don’t want to carry a bag around that screams changing bag. This is why I created KeriKit - Handbags that change with you and last beyond early motherhood. Thanks to the unique internal removable organiser (IRO) which can be removed, your handbag transverses from a changing bag to a fashionable, spacious, luxury handbag that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Following extensive market research - I can say with confidence there are no other bags available with the same quality of leather, workmanship and size for £300-£400.



The process from design to conception is a long one which takes 9 months from start to finish!
I begin with an idea for a new shape and spend a few days sketching up options until I feel confident with my final design. I then work on a paper pattern which can take up to a week to perfect. Finally I create a workbook with every conceivable detail added from dimensions, leather quality and colour down to the stitch colour and thickness. It’s pages and pages long and takes around 2 weeks to complete. It then goes over to my factory and they begin the first pattern.
There are many conversations that take place before I receive the first sample back after around 8 weeks. I make any necessary changes and the process moves onto the second stage which is a pre-production sample that arrives another 6 weeks later. Usually this is the point I am able to commit to my new orders. The third stage is incredibly important to me. I use the pre-production sample for at least a month to see if there is anything that needs modifying. The only way to make sure a KeriKit bag is perfect is to test it myself!
During this time the Italian factories work on the leathers I have selected and the fittings are ordered. 5 months after my order is placed my gorgeous new limited edition handbags are delivered!
I hope you love my debut range as much as I do and you enjoy your KeriKit bag for years to come.

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