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Ju-Ju-Be baby changing bags are back

Monday, 28 September 2015  | 

Ju-Ju-Be baby changing bags are back at last!

This amazing new collection of bags is like no others on the market, we think they compliment our other 200 changing bags very well as they are so completely different to anything else we stock. These bags have some amazing features that no other bags have and that is why we were so keen to get them back into our lovely collection. What makes a Ju-Ju-Be changing bag so perfect ? 


If you are a parent that likes to keep super clean and germ free then these are the bags for you. The material they are made from is treatment with Agion which is an anti-bacterial agent and stops mould and growth growing, not only that the outside of the bags are made from Teflon and have a fabric protector so very easy to keep clean. Plus another really good thing is they are machine washable - so you can pop them in the washing machine then let them air dry . There is more though, these bags all have crumb drains, a rather ingenious feature where they simply put tiny holes at the bottom of the pockets so all the crumbs fall out - brilliant!  So there we have it, 4 great reasons to buy these bags.  However the other good reason apart from the whole cleanliness side of things, is  they have a load more amazing features as well! A changing mat that has memory foam, at last your baby can be comfortable as it squishes on to the mat, no more screaming because they are resting on some awful hard surface. Plus all the linings are lighter in coloured which means that you can find everything you need pretty quickly. There are also bottle pockets which are lined with thinsulate meaning you can keep drinks either hot or cold. Did we mention the pockets?  No - well they have lots and lots of different pockets for everything you need - even pockets to put your favorite photos in. Plus no plastic hardware, all of it is either gold or silver depending on the colours,


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