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Jessica has Colic!

1 CommentTuesday, 10 December 2013  |  Admin

Colic and house moving

So it looks like Jessica has colic for most of the day.....I am writing this rocking her in her bouncer for her to get some sleep and me to have abit of sanity! Matt and I are like walking zombies at the moment as we are taking it in turns to get about 3 hours of block sleep each a night. We have tried infacol, baby massage, bath, carrying, holding its all very stressful and I feel so bad for Jessica who seems in so much pain. I have been recommended colief now by a friend so I am going to try that, but at over £10 for 7mls it better be worth it! Am also thinking maybe a vibrating seat might help too? It is also effecting Emilia who gets quite upset with Jess crying and doesn't enable me to spend as much time with her. Any tips will be appreciated, I know my mum bangs on about how I had it for 4 months from 6pm-10pm at night and now I can sympathise. PLEASE ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED!

The BIG MOVE is this weekend!! YAY!! a week earlier!! so happy! cant wait to be in before Christmas now and get it all sorted and homely. ready for the stream of visitors we have lined up! So my weekends and days are going to be fun before Christmas, unpacking, cleaning, tidying but it will all be worth it as I will be in our shinny new house!!

I still have so much Christmas shopping to do but no time to do it! I have been trying to get Emilia an In the night garden Makka Pakka now for 3 weeks and can not find one anywhere so Matt has now been drafted in to try and find one for her. I have at least ordered my turkey from Waitrose so we will be at least having turkey on the day!!

wish me luck for this weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013  |  10:03

Colic ! It's a demon and can strike out at any time, does anything actually help? If you have any tips for colic please tell us, Charlotte will be your best friend!