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How to entertain your baby

Friday, 26 February 2016  |  Admin

Different Thing You Can Do To Entertain A Baby

When Jack was born, I did fleetingly wonder how I was going to entertain him when all he seemed to do was sleep, feed and poo. As he got older, there were soon periods of time where he was awake. What do you do with your little one then? Below are some of the simple things that I did with my baby to keep him entertained in those first few months.

Pull Faces

In the first few months babies cannot focus on objects very well. Holding your baby and pulling faces at them is something you can do together. They will be able to focus on you as you poke your tongue out or smile. Eventually they will start copying you.

Get Outside

When Jack was a baby, there was nothing I loved better than being outside. I used to put Jack in his pram and head off for a walk. As a new mom, it is quite easy to feel lonely and isolated. Getting outside really helped me and gave me some some fresh air and new sights to enjoy.

Play Gyms

Jack absolutely adored his play gym. He had one with attachments that when lying on his back, he could see above him. Often they play music and have different activities and textures that will help stimulate your baby. Mine had rattles that would spin and a mirror that he would stare into for ages.


Bubbles are something that children of all ages love. Jack still loves me getting our bubble machine out. When he was a baby he loved watching the bubbles and used to stretch out to pop them.

Tummy Time

I was lucky in the fact that Jack loved tummy time. I know some babies hate it! When Jack could hold his head up, I used to roll a ball in front of him. He used to just love watching the ball make its way across the mat.You can also get play mats that are full of bright colours that your baby will enjoy looking at.

Share books together

Even when Jack was very young, I used to read to him. Hearing your voice will soothe your baby. I absolutely loved the cuddles too! As he got older he became interested in the pictures and now chooses the books he wants me to read himself. He has even started finishing some of the sentences. That's how often we have read them!

Try giving your baby a massage

Between bathtime and bedtime I used to give Jack a baby massage. This really helped to relax him and prepare him for sleep. It was also a really nice way of spending some quiet time with Jack.

Grab some baby massage oil and head to a warm room. Undress your baby and rub some oil between your palms. Then massage away! There is plenty of information about how to do baby massage online.

I really enjoyed those early months with Jack. Simple activities really captured his attention. Now I'm lucky to get his attention for two minutes. He is so busy exploring everything around him.