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How to choose your Changing bag

Thursday, 10 September 2015  | 

How to choose your Baby Changing Bag

By The Changing bag experts!

If you are expecting a baby and are now at the point where you need to choose your baby changing bag then you should read this. We have lots of useful tips which we are sure will help you.

1 Have you fallen in love with it? This may sound obvious but you must like the way it looks, lets not be too practical at this stage – lets face they all have bottle warmers and change mats and a multitude of pockets and other things to help you organise yourselves  but -  have you fallen in love with it? Over the years we have had 1000’s of women coming back to us to buy a second bag (not that we are complaining!) However they all say the same thing : They didn't’t go for the change bag they really liked because their husband didn't’t like it, or refused to carry it.  Ok girls we have a few solutions for your other half – you can either give them the free Boots bag, its navy and perfectly acceptable even for an alpha male – or you could buy him his own sexy dad changing bag (we have some beauties for the guys) .
So buy the one YOU really  like as for the next few years every day you will look at it and regret it and we really don’t want that to happen. If you are going back to work then show him our bags for Dads section and make sure he gets the one he adores too.

2 Is it the right size for me?  If you are normally a small handbag person then stick with something small and  visa versa of course  – all our bags will fit everything in you NEED for your little ones and honestly the bigger you go the more you will put in that you simply don’t need.

3 What type of mother are you? We have chosen all our 200 change bags for a reason and all of them are different – so if you like practical and organised then a PacaPod will be the one, or maybe you like professional looking, then maybe a leather Storksak – but don’t worry we have condensed all of this in an older blog called which changing bags so have a look and this and it should help you.

4 What is your budget – We like to think we have a bag for every pocket and just because they are cheaper it doesn't’t’ mean they are not great quality. In fact our Babymel ones for instance are outstanding quality and great value for money.

5 How much can you carry? Weight:  make sure your bag is not too heavy to start with, you can always ring us for advice and we will be honest and tell you which are the heavier bags. There are normally good reasons for the extra weight so you will be able to take those reasons into consideration and weigh them up with your needs.

6 Lifestyle – Again this may be last but not least, if you for instance have a dog or are a big walker you may prefer a back pack? Or if this is your second child you may need to take the space into consideration. You could go on lots of holidays so you want a extra light shopper style bag. If you are on baby number 2 then a PacaPod for instance with the 3 pod system may be a good one for you.


One thing to remember – THIS WILL BE YOUR HANDBAG FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS, so you need to love it and it needs to reflect your personality 

Second thing to remember - You can always talk to us about your needs and we can help you!

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