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How do you cope when your baby is poorly

Monday, 7 December 2015  |  Admin

Parenting is tough and when people said to me you'll have your hands full it does make me laugh. One or six children I'm sure it's tough in any measure.

Nether the less we have had a tough old few weeks which has resulted in 3 weeks of hospital stays. After my birth stay both little ones have been hospitalised with Broncholitis. Biggest boy was hospitalised overnight but for the entire last week myself and my newborn have stayed in hospital with the same and a chest infection in the right lung.



Seeing any child poorly is difficult but seeing a newborn is an entirely different matter. With tubes for oxygen and feeding plus heart monitors it's something you never imagine seeing with your child. The week of recovery is relentless. For me I hardly slept and had to rely on expressing to ensure my milk supply didn't go down even though little man couldn't feed with it. For two days he relied on a drip to be hydrated. For two days he was asleep pretty much all of the time. And for two days I couldn't cuddle him.

But we came home and I consider that lucky. We had friends who supplied me with meals, sent gifts and money to help with the added costs to us as a family. All just before Christmas too.

I have taken home a healthy baby who will bounce back once the virus is fully gone (it can take a couple of weeks).


This week has made me so thankful and taught me once again how being a parent is such a privilege. That mums are bloody strong willed when it comes to their children.

The moral to all this for me though is that I am tough because my children need me to be that way. But also trust yourself. Things went from a cold to seriously ill in a matter of hours and I knew in my heart something wasn't quite right. A mothers instinct is incredibly strong.



With Christmas and New Year around the corner there will be many children admitted for this winter bug but also parents who have a heavy heart with other illness or loss. I'll light a candle for those parents and take moments to appreciate just how lucky I am. My heart stopped a beat but it was just a beat not a lifetime.

When was the last time you were reminded of how lucky you are?

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