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Chelle's favorite changing bag

Friday, 26 June 2015  | 

I love a good change bag! At the moment I have 5 in my possession and all fit a different need too. Inspired by a post by @ghostwritermumm and buggies recently I decided that I am just as obsessed with slings and bags as I am about my pram!

So here are a few great bags for different reasons - I may have a few of these!

School run mum

Look stylish and organised with the Babymel Cara. It has room for what you need on the school run plus those snacks for your tired eldest.


2 under 2

If you need everything including the kitchen sink then don’t struggle with 5 bags when the Oi Oi Carry all will do!


Active mum

if you love babywearing or hiking then the Babymule Classic in red woodland is perfect. It’s so roomy and as well as all the bits you need for baby you can probably pack a picnic too. One baby is bigger it’s a great weekender bag if you are going away to a festival or camping.

Stylish mum

I am lusting so much over the Jem & Bea in Orange. My next baby is is due in November and although we don’t need much (middle baby is only 11 months) this is my definite mummy treat!±

Funky Mum

Funky mum likes something a bit different and stand out so Sophia and Matt’s big spot bag does just the job.

Organised mum

Well the Pacapod Mirano is made for organised mum! She’s the one not fumbling in her bag dropping various items over the floor.

Or of course you could just be bag lady mum and have them all…..

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