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Catching a cold during pregnancy

Thursday, 1 October 2015  |  Admin
Catching a Cold During Pregnancy

A new season is upon us, the weather is starting to change and along with the colder months comes that pesky common cold. Having a cold is not enjoyable at the best of times, but when you are pregnant you are very limited as to how to treat your cough or cold and to stop the symptoms from causing you discomfort. It is pretty impossible to avoid catching a cold during the winter, but you can always try to be extra vigilant when it comes to keeping the areas around you clean and disinfected. You could also make sure you are frequently washing your hand, and avoid friends or family who you know are unwell, until they are better. Another great idea would be to try to boost your immune system through your diet, making sure you are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and taking any vitamin supplements that you may require.

Although there are lots of cold and flu remedies on the market, the majority of them are not suitable for pregnant women. Make sure you always read the label before taking any medication during your pregnancy - you may be surprised by what is off-limits. Even many herbal remedies aren't suitable during pregnancy, so always be sure to check it out beforehand, or even speak with your GP or midwife.

I am rubbish if I am feeling poorly, even with just a cold, so here are some suggestions to try to make you feel better when you are pregnant and struggling with a cold:

- Hot lemon with honey, especially if you have a sore throat

- Breathing in steam

- Having a hot bath

- Drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated

- If all else fails.... go back to bed!

You should try to rest whenever you feel you need it during your pregnancy, especially if you are feeling unwell. Although having a cold will not harm your baby, you should give yourself a chance to recover. It also important to know there is a difference between just a cold and the flu - catching flu during pregnancy can be very dangerous. The flu can feel just like a normal cold, but the high fever that comes with it can cause problems. If you are ever unsure that you are starting to develop the flu, always consult your GP. Pregnant women are offered the flu vaccination during the winter months to help prevent this. The vaccination also protects your baby from the flu virus for a few months after it is born. I will be having mine this month!

You can read more about the flu vaccination here:

By Sarah Morgan

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