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Best Autumn Changing bag

Tuesday, 3 November 2015  | 

Every New season we like to pick out a list of our new favorite baby changing bags .... this season is no exception and with two brand new bag companies on board (Jem + Bea and Ju-Ju-Be) it makes our choices even more exciting than usual ....


So first on our list of Autumnal changing bags is this little beauty - although there is no particular order with these bags I have to say this for me is very much a bag I would buy at this time of year.

Look at these gorgeous colours! These Ju-Ju bags have only been back in stock with us for a few weeks and already are showing signs of becoming one of our top changing bag suppliers. If you want to read all about their amazing bags then please do check -out the Ju-Ju-be  page for all the amazing detail they have. 

Then I would like to turn your attention to a different bag altogether - this changing bag company came on board with us early summer and have blown us away with huge sales, mind you the designer is an ex Mulberry hand bag designer and this comes through in leaps and bounds, the quality and finish on these leather bags is absolutely wonderful and we all have our eye on one ( even though most of us don't need changing bags any more). Click here to go to the Jem + Bea page

Next on our list are the Storksak Noa's - these bags have proven themselves over the summer to be great sellers, they are very lightweight so great for those of you who have bad backs or don't want to be carrying any extra weight you don't need around - this winter Storksak have come up with some new colours, this navy is a great new Autumn colour., to check out all the other Storksak Noa's and other bags click here

Or another Storksak bag that we love is one they have just brought back in stock - the Sofia bags have always been popular bag for those who want a large leather bag that is not too heavy, these bags are one of our largest leathers and the new black colour is stunning, very smart ! 


Another very popular bag in fact one of our all round best sellers are the PacaPod Mirano - the new black one is particularly stylish and is out selling most of our other non leather bags at the moment - if you are an organised ( or want to be) then a PacaPod Changing bag should be a serious contender, for the money they represent great value as they have a 3-in-1 system meaning you have lots of different way to use them - for more on the PacaPods please do  check out our page 

Last but absolutely not least is our old favorite brand Pink Lining, you could not get more Wintery than the gorgeous new Penguin Love style - The Yummy Mummy which still remains our favorite is one of our oldest tried and tested bags, they are great quality and the new Penguin fabric really is very cute! 



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