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Baby Yoga In Yorkshire, great for mother, great for baby!

Friday, 13 September 2013  |  Admin

Dylan and I have been going to baby yoga since he was 12 weeks old. He is now almost 8 months and we still love every session! We have attended lots of different mother and baby groups but baby yoga is our favourite for sure. When Dylan was born, like every new mother, I was keen to meet other mums while also spending quality time with my baby. I wanted to learn new games, rhymes and activities I could do with Dylan that he would enjoy and would also aid his development. I really feel that baby yoga offers this.



During the sessions Dylan gets to experience a variety of activities including massage, different baby yoga moves that gently stretch him, exercises that can help with trapped wind (very useful and tried and tested by myself!), sensory games which he loves and is also able to hear us sing different songs to go with various moves. Dylan always loves the massage which we often do at home, the relaxation part of the session and the baby half lotus move!

Baby yoga offers me the chance to take part in gentle stretches and exercises tailored for someone who has just given birth and the opportunity to grab a little bit of relaxation time at the end of the session if Dylan allows it! I have met lots of lovely mums and we always get together for a coffee and a cheeky bit of cake after the session. Another benefit is that baby yoga always tires the babies out so we often pop them in their pushchairs and have a really good catch up in the cafe!

Samantha leads the sessions and really makes them what they are. She is so welcoming and I am always impressed with how quickly she gets to know all of the babies' names. I like how Samantha takes the time to ask how we are and it is clear that she enjoys what she does. I feel completely confident in Samantha's knowledge and abilities and am always happy for her to take Dylan and show me how to do a particular stretch or baby yoga move with him.

I would definitely recommend baby yoga as it's a great all round exercise for both mums and babies and a lovely way to meet new people, so go on give it a try.



Rebecca Bugler and Dylan (9 months)

Classes are held in various locations in Leeds and York – see for venues and more information. Contact Samantha on 07768 538527 or