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Baby Changing Bags for Summer 2015

Tuesday, 23 June 2015  | 

Our top favorite Summer 2015 Baby Changing bags



1) The Storksak Noa Baby changing bags at £75.00 are selling fast - they come in an array of pretty colours but the charcol one seems to be the best seller. They are so lightweight but have a very handy organiser bag inside so you can keep things seperate. The only problem is choosing which colour you fancy.



2) We can't mention our favorite summer bags without of course talking about the Pink Lining Mum on the run - we alll have one here at Mummy & Little Me, they are so lightweight and pop across your body leaving you hands free for all your other chores!



3) Of course we can't talk about pretty sumer bags without mentioning the new Pink Lininng again ! This is their  2015 range, Sunflowers, Dalmation and Cottage Garden - they are pretty, they are strong and make a great holiday bag all round.


Don't forget though that we are always on hand to give any advice you may need on Baby Changing bags - there isn't a lot we dont know about all these bags and anything we don't know we should so will always try and find out for you.





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