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At the end of Maternity leave

Friday, 13 February 2015  |  Admin

As the end of paid maternity leave is fast approaching it’s time for me to make some decisions about work. After the year with Fizz ended in 2010 I went back to work full time in a new role after a re structure.

With Froglet I am really lucky that I work for myself but prior to getting pregnant with him my workload was increasing at a rapid rate. This is usually really cool for any freelancer but after a turbulant pregnancy and Fizz starting school it was time to reevaluate what I wanted to do when it came to my return to work. I am also lucky that a friend of mine runs a lovely nursery, Officreche. It has a freelance work space upstairs and so on my return I knew this would be the place for myself and Froglet.

We started off slowly with settles in January and then he’ll be doing one afternoon a week with the option of flexible times above that to coincide with my busier times. I say busier times but one of the biggest decisions I’ve made about returning to work is to work part time. Although my business was really successful and has continued to grown over the last few years I feel that now is the time to spend with my children.

Fizz starting school and Froglet hitting 6 months has made me realise how fast the time is whizzing and I don’t want it to go staright by and then sit wondering how my children have grown up too fast for my liking! So Froglet’s tuesday afternoon at nursery is part work and part mummy and Fizz time. It means she gets some 121 time to discuss school and what she is doing to learn and grow at school. With two children that 121 time is really lacking.

This all means less money for me but it also means I can cherry pick those clients that are really worth something to me professionally and personally. Theres no room to be working on things I don’t enjoy. I’m looking forward on sharing this journey with you….. C x