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Are you trying to conceive I am

Monday, 21 September 2015  |  Admin

Jules is trying to conceive join her journey ...

While I have unfortunately been mistaken for being pregnant on several occasions (in the dark days before I discovered my gluten intolerance; one such occasion happened at a hotel in Italy, where, after I’d consumed an enormous lasagne, the receptionist gave us a knowing smile and offered us a ‘room for three’, cringe!), I have never actually been pregnant. Having recently got married we have decided it’s time to start ‘trying’. At this point I have discovered exactly how little I know about conception and early pregnancy, and have spent a considerable amount of time chatting to friends with children and endlessly Googling to find out what I’m supposed to do and how I’m supposed to know when it happens. Because a woman can tell, can’t she? Well let me tell you, it turns out you don’t 'just know'. Not in my opinion. (Although I’m obviously not pregnant yet so who knows, I could be completely wrong!) But it seems to me that when you read about the symptoms of early pregnancy, they are jolly well identical to the symptoms you have when you’re period is on its way! For example: sensitive breasts, cramping and spotting around the time you would normally expect your period. As a result, I essentially spent the two(ish) weeks between my ‘fertile period’ (yes, I have an app for that, turns out ovulation kits are far more reliable than my iPhone, who knew?!) and my actual period, swinging between thinking I was pregnant and deciding I definitely wasn’t. And back again. Repeatedly. And according to hubby, I couldn’t stop going on about it. So I decided to start writing a blog to get things off my chest and see if there was anyone else out there feeling the same…

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