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A Leather Changing Bag is for life not just for Christmas

Tuesday, 8 December 2015  | 

Why buy a leather changing bag?

If you are flirting with the idea of buying a leather baby changing bag but  not sure you can justify the money then you need to read this ! 

Our customers have been telling us for years they have one big regret,  this is simply that they did not buy the bag they really wanted the first time but instead bought something that they 'made do' with .... then very often (2 years later)  come back to us when they are pregnant with number 2 and they make that purchase - they are however often frustrated with themselves for not going for it the first time, feeling that they wasted money on the first baby changing bag as they have spent the last two years hankering after that  special leather one. 

So take our advice girls .. if you fancy something that is a little more expensive you should go for it - why? Apart from anything else you will find a good leather bag will last you for years and years, and also they will not age, go out of fashion or more importantly look like a baby changing bag. So you can take it too work and simply take the changing mat out of it. Doing this is better 

A) For your mental health ( trust us you don't' want all those negative thoughts whirling about you head when you look at the bag you didn't want every day 

B) Better for your pocket - in the long run why waste money on a bag you don't really want when you know in your heart of hearts you will end up buying that special bag 

C) Better for your baby - Yes girls it's true, a happy mummy eyeing up her special bag and feeling pleased with herself means a happy baby 

D) Better for the environment - ok  you might think this one is pushing it BUT less waste ..... ( throwing the old bag you never like away you see) 

E) Better for your relationship with your partner - get them to buy the bag for you and be eternally grateful :)

If those reasons are not good enough I have two more ....

F) Spend over £200 and used code spend200 to get a whacking 10% off 

G) Free swaddle with every changing bag - and yes at time of writing you can have BOTH offers at once....


Happy Shopping ...

Love Vicky & Tracy 



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