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A beginners guide on how to use Pregnancy Forums?

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Pregnancy Forums

There are so many great online resources for pregnant women - blogs, Facebook groups, magazines and apps to name a few. Sometimes it can feel like information overload and that is why I enjoy peer-to-peer online support such as forums. You just need a username, a profile picture and off you go! The beauty about forums is that you can remain as anonymous as you like, keeping a private online identity behind your username. You can be a ‘lurker’ and just read the threads that interest you without commenting, or you can throw yourself into these online communities. You may choose to join a ‘birth board’ and speak to women who are due around the same time as you and talk about your experiences during the different stages of your pregnancy. Forums are a great place to ask questions, share ideas and tips, and even to make friends. Others may share great baby bargains and recommendations, or have a bit of a moan about their partners! You may be paired up with a ‘bump buddy’ who has the same due date as you or might even be from the same town or city. Some women organise meet-ups so they can befriend their forum friends IRL (in real life). It is a really nice way to enjoy your pregnancy journey by chatting with others in the same position as you, especially in those early weeks when you might be keeping your pregnancy to yourself. You will, however, need to learn the lingo! There is lots of jargon and acronyms used, so here is a quick guide to help understand what everyone is talking about!

DD/DS/DH - Dear Daughter, Dear Son, Dear Husband

LO/LB/LG - Little One, Little Boy, Little Girl

OH - Other Half

TTC - Trying To Conceive

BFP/BFN - Big Fat Positive, Big Fat Negative (referring to pregnancy tests!)

FTM - First Time Mum

SAHM - Stay At Home Mum

BF - Breastfeeding

FF - Formula Feeding

Forums can be used at all stages of your pregnancy - from the days of trying to conceive, to your pregnancy journey to your challenging and wonderful steps through motherhood. You can move around between boards and threads to whatever is relevant to you at the time. You may make some great friends or just take comfort in knowing there are others out there experiencing the same as you. It is important to remember to take any information/advice given with a pinch of salt, and don’t take any medical advice in this way - make sure you always go to see your GP.

By Sarah Morgan

Sarah is a crafty mum of one with another one the way and writes a pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle blog over at