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Working at Mummy & Little Me

Tuesday, 16 April 2013  |  Admin



I love my job at Mummy and Little Me!
I’ve been working part-time at Mummy and Little Me for over a year now, and I love my job just as much now as I did when I first started in the shop. There is something so joyful in helping someone at one of the most exciting, daunting and scary times of their lives. Of course the shop and surrounding Corn Exchange are gorgeous places to work, which definitely helps when coming into work on a morning, but the thing I most look forward to is meeting the customers!
From the secret newly pregnant women who just can’t resist popping in and having a quick browse before promising me I’ll see them again soon to the nervous first time mothers and the slightly more experienced Mums, all the customers that come in to the shop bring something new with them for us to experience.
Out of all the services we provide here at the shop, my favourite part of the job is changing bags. As a university student, with any thoughts of family firmly out of my own mind, I had never realised the range of changing bags available nowadays! I certainly did not ever think I would be so interested in them! I always used to think that changing bags were unattractive things that Mums had to have but wouldn’t want to have.
Here at the shop we are only able to have a small selection of the changing bags on the website so when we get new ones in store or one is ordered for a customer to see that we have not seen before it is quite exciting! And helping you choose the bag that will be seeing you through the first few years of your child’s life is surprisingly fulfilling. We have some truly beautiful bags available here and it is so enjoyable to talk about them and guide you to your perfect bag. As would be expected from an all-female team, we do of course all have our own favourites, and I would just like to share with you my top 3 picks!
1.      1. The Hannah – Sugarjack -£269. This bag is absolutely beautiful! A tan leather bag with gorgeous details, interiors and accessories. You couldn’t get a less changing bag like changing bag! I am just a bit biased towards this particular bag, as we share the same name, but even before I knew this it had become a firm favourite.
2.       2.The Firenze – Pacapod - £265. Well apparently I have expensive taste, but this bag is GORGEOUS! The pods are fantastically useful for a busy Mum and there is space for a lot of extra items within, and who would ever suspect it’s actually a changing bag!?
3.       3. The Nico Tote in Berry – Il Tutto £149. This extra big, patent bag is a lovely glamorous bag that has all the space you could possibly need. The best part of this bag is the fact that you can take the interior of the bag out once you’ve finished using it as a changing bag or if you need it as a weekend away bag. It also comes with a lovely little teddy keyring for the little one!
A lot of people often tell me that they do not like their jobs, and that people who enjoy their jobs are very lucky.
Well, I must be one of the lucky ones.