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Will you have a baby brother or sister?

Friday, 4 April 2014  |  Admin

No matter what stage of pregnancy you are at this seems to be a common question. Are you team pink or team blue?

When I was expecting Fizz I hated the need to know which colour the baby was or which 'flavour' I was having. I mean the baby isn't an ice cream is it? The sex of the baby seems to be constantly on peoples lips and everyone has an opinion to which you should prefer. A boy to carry on the family name etc etc. During my first pregnancy I wanted a girl and this was something we only admitted to ourselves after the 20 weeks scan. Being impatient and with a need to organise we both wanted to find out.

This time was no different. We got questioned - wouldn't it be nice to have one of each? What do you prefer? And again what flavour????

So fast forward to our 20 week scan and a daughter who up until 2 weeks ago was adamant for a baby sister. This could go one of two ways and I had no preference to sex this time. Fizz was now keen on a brother and thankfully things went her way. I will never forget her face and Gav's as the monographer announced the news 'you are going to have a baby brother'. For me I was happy knowing my two favourite people were happy.

The only difference for me this time was that the scan has helped me think about my pregnancy and taking the time to get to know my son before he arrives. I have not be as present this pregnancy so far in terms of time to just enjoy it so now it's time to slow down......and of course now we can start to see our family is really and truly complete.

Chelle McCann