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Why you need Maternity Nightwear

Friday, 27 September 2013  |  Admin



It's the small things in life that make a big difference. Sometimes it might be putting on a face mask and having 10 minutes to yourself in the bath. Sometimes it's treating yourself to a new lipstick, to give you a spring in your step. But one of life's little luxuries, in our opinion, has got to be gorgeous nightwear. And during pregnancy, this is even more important!
You need to be comfortable and happy - plus you may well be spending much more relaxation time in your beloved PJs once your bump gets bigger and all you want to do is put your feet up!

You'll probably have always appreciated the luxury of soft fabrics, but during pregnancy, this will be heightened as your sensitive, perhaps itchy, skin is crying out for soft cotton to wear. You'll want beautiful, breathable fabrics that won't get you all hot and bothered, and let your skin breathe.
Well, whether you're a nightie person, or you prefer a set of pyjamas to sleep in, rest assured Mummy & Little Me have something for all tastes.

Winter is just around the corner, and what's better than cosying up on the sofa in your pyjamas with a hot drink?

Of course there's much more to having the perfect set of pregnancy pyjamas; if you're having a hospital birth, they are likely to be a priority item packed in your bag so that you have something comfortable to wear as baby prepares to make his or her appearance. If there's a chance you may have to have a C-Section, our maternity pyjamas accommodate not only your bump, but are also designed so as not to rub against your scar area.

Once baby arrives, you can breast feed in all our maternity  nightwear. You'll love our nightwear so much you may not want to part with it afterwards! So its brilliant quality means it will last and last - no matter how many washes it goes through (and these are likely increase sharply when baby makes their arrival!), you will still have gorgeous pyjamas that retain their colour, shape and softness.

When you're all settled at home, the new arrival will be a star attraction, like a magnet drawing in friends, family (you try keeping those grandparents away!!) and of course health visitors. During these strange few days, you may not have found your routine or even had time for a daily shower! But you can be assured that in our nightwear, you CAN answer the door rather than rushing to get changed when someone pops round - as so much of it looks, and feels, just like lovely lounge wear (no unsightly old, embarrassing pyjamas for mummy!).

The same applies for Christmas time - perhaps you're planning on visiting relatives, or they're visiting you. The last thing you'll want is to worry about what they think of your old, worn-out pyjamas! Why not treat yourself to some new ones for the change in season; you'll certainly get your wear out of them, or perhaps you can pop it on your Christmas list!

One reason to buy some this weekend is that right now, here at Mummy & Little Me, we have an offer where you can get a FREE Melba camisole with all purchases over £40 from our nightwear range - just enter the code "cami" in the voucher box at check out - offer ends Monday 30th September.

So, happy shopping!

Angela Dickinson